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WinRAR Password Remover enables you to recover/crack your lost password for WinRAR/RAR files efficiently and effectively. The application tries to unlock your WinRAR file by two different ways. One is brute-force password recovery, which will test all possible combinations of characters. The other way is dictionary password recovery, which will prove passwords from a carefully defined password list. It is pretty straight-forward, no skill needed.

A Winrar (a file with .rar as a suffix), when it comes to WinRar program, we all know it’s a standard utility for compressing data on Windows platform and often used for online downloads. A key feature on Winrar is that users can compress some essential files into a RAR archive and create a password to save the RAR file from the people from using it. You may protect your Winrar files, but one day, you forgot Winrar password and can’t extract data from Winrar, if it happened to you, it’s miserable.

WinRAR Password Remover Final Version 2018 Free Download

Efficient and Secure WinRAR Password Recovery

WinRAR Password Unlocker is an excellent and helpful tool when you forgot WinRAR/RAR password and cannot open the RAR archives. It can recover RAR password at high speed via three attack options: Brute-force, Brute-force with user-defined Mask and Dictionary.

Powerful WinRAR Recovery Tool

Recover forgotten passwords from encrypted RAR archives (*.rar) created by any application. It unlocks any password-protected RAR archive no matter what compression and encryption algorithm is used including the latest version of WinRAR.

3 Efficient Password Attack Options

  1. Brute-force Attack – When you have no idea about the passwords then try all possible password combinations.
  2. Brute-force Attack with Mask – Greatly reduce the recovery time by specifying the forgotten character set, password length, etc. (Highly Recommended)
  3. Dictionary Attack – Gain lost RAR password by trying the password combinations in the built-in dictionary as a password. It also supports Self-created dictionary in any language.

Recover Fast with GPU & Multi-core CPU

Recover RAR password for a file at high speed by using advanced new search algorithm and SSE technology. Allow you to accelerate RAR password recovery with Multi-core CPUs, NVIDIA CUDA GPUs, and ATI OpenCL GPUs.

Search for Encrypted Files

You can choose any scan you want. It includes specific files scan – from your entire computer system to one or two selected folders. This Search feature helps you find your encrypted RAR archives quickly by scanning your PC.

Auto-save Recovery State

Stop and resume your password recovery process anytime through the auto-save feature. This RAR password cracker can automatically save your password recovery state.

Efficient Recovery

Regardless of your encrypted RAR archive size; Recover RAR password at high speed.

Program Priority

Allocate more CPU power to WinRAR Password Remover and speed up the recovery process.

Auto shut-down

This feature Shut down your computer automatically when WinRAR password recovery completes.

Easy and safe to use

Three simple steps to retrieve password safely and comfortably. No data loss or damage.

Free Technical Support

Feel free to contact us by mail regarding any problem you have in using our apps.

More Features

  • Support all RAR files created by any tools
  • Recover RAR password faster with SSE, etc.
  • Support multi-core CPU and GPU acceleration
  • Three efficient password attack options available
  • Save password recovery process automatically
  • Shut down computer automatically after recovery

System Requirements

OS: Windows 7/ Vista/XP/2008/2003/2000

CPU: 1 GHz processor (2.4 GHz is recommended)

RAM: 512 MB (1 GB is recommended)

Disk space: 15 MB of free space

Demo version Limitations

  1. It can only recover the first three characters of the password.
  2. The trial version can only check 10000 combinations in the dictionary as the possible password.

How to Remove and Reset RAR Password Easily with Software

RAR format brings us convenience on files transmission. It helps us to compress lots of large files into smaller one archive, which mostly rises the speed and shorten the transmission time on the Internet. However, to protect the RAR file, we always set a robust password to encrypt it. You would not be capable of opening or extracting encrypted RAR file without the password. But if RAR password forgot one day or you get an encrypted RAR file from others without a password, What would you do? You have to use this tool ” Winrar Password Remover.”

Part 1: Remove RAR Password with RAR Password Genius

Part 2: Reset RAR File Password with WinRAR

Part 1: Remove RAR Password with RAR Password Genius

In fact, when you forgot RAR file password, you have two choices. One is to ask someone for RAR open password. If unfortunately, it doesn’t work, you can reset and remove RAR password with a powerful RAR password tool.

Now we will get RAR Password Genius Standard version to help RAR password remove, by recovering RAR password at first and then removing encrypted RAR file password.

Tip: If you have RAR Password Genius Professional in hand, please follow its user guide to do.

Step 1:

Click the Open button to import the RAR file of which, you forgot the password. You will see it in an Encrypted File box.

Step 2: Choose the password attack type from Type of attack depending on the case. For example, if you memorize part of the RAR password, you could choose Mask attack and set “Mask” option.

Step 3: Click Start button to activate RAR password reset. Wait until a new window pops up, the RAR file password would be discovered there.

You can choose to copy the password and extract encrypted RAR file or save RAR password now. After that, remove RAR password in archive software, such as WinRAR.

Step 4: Remove RAR password in WinRAR with recovered password.

  1. Extract encrypted RAR archive with the recovered password in WinRAR.
  2. Create a new RAR with files extracted from old encrypted RAR archive, and don’t set a password.
  3. Take new RAR file instead of original RAR archive from then on. Congrats! Your RAR file password has been removed successfully.

So you can find RAR Password Genius is such an excellent helper if you want to make encrypted RAR file password recovered or removed.

Part 2: Reset RAR File Password with WinRAR

Besides removing RAR password, when you can open or extract encrypted RAR file with the help of RAR Password Genius, reset a new RAR password for encrypted RAR file would become not hard any longer.

Step 1: Open WinRAR program, select the files extracted from original encrypted RAR file and click Add button.

Step 2: On the pop-up window “Archive name and parameters,” choose Advanced tab and click Set password button. (Or click Set password button under the General tab)

Step 3: While a new window disappears, Enter the password and Reenter password for verification. Click OK to make sure rar password reset. Click OK twice at last to create encrypted RAR file with a new password instead of forgotten one.

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