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The Mute Scheduler is an android app that helps you in a very efficient way in which you can

  • Set a schedule for busy hours in which you want to mute your Android phone.
  • It Auto-replies to callers during quiet times.
  • Rings for your favorite contacts.
  • It’ll Ring for all contacts and mute for unknown persons.
  • Also, you can set a schedule for Prayer time, Namaz time, Meeting time, Lecture time, study time, sleep time, college time, teaching time, work hours, busy times, etc.
  • You can choose Start time and End time of any schedule, and at that time, your Android device automatically goes to silent, and after end time, it automatically comes back to ringing mode.

Features Of  Mute Scheduler Apk Full

  • Auto-replies to callers.
  • Ring for your favorite contacts.
  • Ring for all contacts.
  • Mute for unknown callers.
  • User-Friendly.
  • It supports almost all languages.
  • Also, you can set an Alarm at the end of the schedule.
  • Backup, you plan when you want.
  • Restore your schedules.
  • Repeat days.

Coming Soon Features

  • Location-based mode.
  • Android mobile goes silent when it reached to a particular area.
  • Customize profile for your schedules.
  • Every schedule has its profile.
  • Turn ON or OFF Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS, etc. in each program you want.
  • Choose different themes, ring tones, etc. for each program you want.

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