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Wondershare Dr.Fone 10.4.1 Crack With Registration Code

Dr.Fone Crack is a popular tool used for recovering contacts, text messages, images, and many other files that you may remove or lost accidentals from your iPod, iPhone, or iPad Contact. This software is also designed to function as a tool to get data misplaced from devices such as LG, Motorola, ZET, Sony, HTC, Samsung, Huawei, and other Android phone devices. The Interface of this software is incredible and straightforward in look. There is a set of instructions in it that will make a new user of Dr.Fone get acquainted with it within little or no time.

Dr.Fone Crack is also useful when it comes to preventing your information from hackers or any suspicious material. The location you want your backup files to be saved will be displayed to you on Dr.Fone software in case you cannot recollect the Apple ID password; you can easily change the password with Dr.Fone.

Data that can be recovered by Dr. Fone Crack

Some of the data that you can use Dr.Fone software to recover are listed beneath:

  • System crash
  • Mobile broken
  • Phone not responding
  • Forgotten passwords
  • Lost data result of updated OS
  • Lost data after resting of phone
  • ROM flashing
  • Black screen of your mobile
  • Deleted data


  1. This software is trustworthy and reliable. You can quickly regain your emails, members, companies, job titles, and so on.
  2. Effective use of backup files fix on a PC in an iTunes back up or any hard drive
  3. You can use some standard methods with Dr.Fone to recover data. It is carried out by connecting your device via a USB to a laptop. Then you will quickly recover files like reminders, messages, contacts, call history, calendars, Whatsapp history, notes, and so on.

What is new in the Dr.Fone crack?

  • Record and capture of any screen device
  • Personal data removal
  • The connection of bugs present in an IOS device
  • Straightforwardly filer iPad, iPod, and iPhone touch
  • Recovering of attached file and correspondence history to a messenger
  • Recovery of information from a broken gadget

The benefit of using Dr.Fone software

Several benefits can be derived from using this software on your personal computer. None of the benefits that are common with Dr.Fone are

  1. The Interface is a simple one for any user whether it is your first time of using it or not
  2. You can recover data that are deleted accidentally or as a result of other reasons
  3. Protection of your personal and confidential information
  4. Use can have their Account with Dr.Fone in which the Account is safety secured from any other user
  5. Permission to use one or more Apple Id for the downloading of a similar cloud file

Main Features of Dr.Fone Crack + Registration code

Selective recovery:
  • These features allow users to recover some specific data they want. You select what you want and click on the recover option. It makes it easier and faster for a user not to run aggregate data, which most times takes time.
  • This feature makes use of personal information to be secured. Your info and data don’t change or be leaked from your device or backup to another third party
Retrieval of files of various kinds:
  • Dr.Fone software is also useful when it comes to the recovery of different types of files. Some of the files you can recover with Dr.Fone are text messages, contacts that are lost or selected, photos, and also WhatsApp data can be recovered
Recovery of SD Card:
  • Most people limit the work of Dr.Fone to improve the internal memory card alone. But this software can recover files on an external device. The purpose of improving on the SD card is the same as that of an internal tool. You scan and recover.
Support of over 6000 models:
  • With Dr.Fone software, it has the support of more than 6000 models. Some of these include HTC, Motorola, QMobile, LG, OPPO, SONY, and many others
Scan and preview:
  • It is one of the main functions of Dr.Fone. A user can scan and preview the data to be recovered before retrieving them.
Rooted and Unrooted device:
  • It does not alter anything on devices that are rooted or unrooted.
  • Data can be recovered from android that got damaged: Android can be damaged as a result of many circumstances. It can be that the Android system refuses to respond, or the screen of the Android device turns to black. Sometimes it might be the USB debugging that has a problem, or you forget the screen lock password. Despite all these situations, Dr.Fone software will quickly recuperate the problem for you.

How To Crack?

The steps given below are guides on how to crack Dr.Fone’s software. They are simple to follow. Do not skip any of the steps hoping to come back to it. Just follow the steps as they are listed as follows;

  1. To start with the cracking steps, download Dr.Fone Crack file
  2. Extract the file and single out the one you needed
  3. Carry out the installation procedure by running the extracted file
  4. Run a keygen .exe and insert your email address
  5. Click on activate and copy the registration code
  6. Paste it into the installation directory of Dr.Fone Folder
  7. Restart the software to allow the registration code posted to affect it
  8. It is now ok for you to use.

Other features of Dr.Fone Software

  • It is programmed to function on Mac OS and windows as well
  • It exists on iPhone 7 Plus, iPad, iPhone 7 and iPad touch
  • Scanning on Android tablets and smartphones are done automatically
  • The regaining of files is carried out via the iCloud backup tool

System Requirements

Some of the specifications you must take note of in experiencing a great time working with Dr.Fone are:

  • Availability of RAM with a size of 246MB
  • Space allocation of 120MB should be present on the hard drive
  • For Windows operating system, your laptop can operate on Windows XP, Windows 10, Windows Vista, Windows 8, or Windows 7.
  • The processor must have a speed of 4 gigahertz

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